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(L-R) Book One photo credit: John Keen. Courtesy of Brian O’Connor. All rights reserved. Book Two photo credit: Carrie Powell. All rights reserved. Book Three photo credit: Diana Davie. Courtesy of the Smithsonian. All rights reserved. 

Are you interested in formal blues education and studies?

You may by interested in the musical heritage and history of early blues pioneers. Or perhaps you wish to explore more of the African American experience and cultural impact of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Sunny Southern Productions provides blues education resources to support these studies.

We also maintain a directory of helpful links to universities, schools and national workshops for those interested in learning more about the broad blues genre. Whether you wish to be a scholar, a performer, or both, the following blues colleges and educational programs can help.

Universities and Schools Offering Blues Education and Jazz Studies

Workshops Around the Nation

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Sunny Southern Productions endeavors to identify helpful blues education opportunities, colleges and workshops to benefit students and fans of the blues. If you would like a resource added to this page, please contact us at and become a part of the mission.