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Book One photo credit: John Keen. Courtesy of Brian O’Connor. All rights reserved. Book Two photo credit: Carrie Powell. All rights reserved. Book Three photo credit: Diana Davie. Courtesy of the Smithsonian. All rights reserved.


Blues Media: Radio and Magazines

The original blues is a wonderfully broad genre that presents opportunities for musical, cultural, historical and blues media appreciation. But the reality is, blues music does not receive the airtime or media attention is deserves—in part because the public isn’t aware that these platforms exist. Same goes for blues publications, which offer a wealth of knowledge and deserve wider circulation.

We have started the process of sharing true life stories of blues artists with the publication of the biographies The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell and The Life and Legend of Mississippi Matilda: Blues Songstress of the Delta. A third book in the Riverside Blues Series is slated for publication in the near future, titled America’s Unbeatable Musicians: The Original Masters of the Mississippi Riverside Blues.

We intend to publish more stories of under-appreciated musicians from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. Eugene’s stage name was Sonny Boy Nelson.

Below are links that help point blues students, scholars and fans to media resources, including blues radio stations, programming and playlists, as well as magazines, publications and blogs. Enjoy!

Blues Media — Magazines

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Blues Media — Blogs

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Radio and Playlists

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