Blues Resources

Blues Resources

Book One photo credit: John Keen. Courtesy Brian O’Connor. All rights reserved. Book Two photo credit: Carrie Powell. All rights reserved. Book Three photo credit Diana Davies. Courtesy of the Smithsonian. All rights reserved.

Blues Resources — Our Heritage

Traditional blues music and performance history has been documented for two centuries and shared throughout the world as an American folk treasure. We provide blues resources to help ensure this music gains wider appreciation in today’s society. Our focus is exposing new generations to a rich blues heritage by providing access to material from the early periods of blues music production. Our goal is to support music education in classrooms, for scholars, and for fans of the blues, and endeavor to promote the cultural and musical backstories of unsung blues artists.

Rediscovering the Past through Our Blues Resources

Many recordings from the early history of American blues music have been lost. Many of the stories of performers in the late 1800s and early 1900s remain undocumented. Sunny Southern Productions supports efforts to recover these materials and publish them in various media. We also encourage scholarly research on the history and culture of American blues music and advocate for publicly available blues resources.

Below are blues resources for studies, information and enjoyment:

You can find links to blues festivals here.


We want to hear from you! Please contact us if you have additional links to share or information about a pioneering blues artist. Let us know and we’ll add it to our blues resources. Sunny Southern Productions endeavors to identify sources and work with families, the public, scholars and collectors to produce and share a treasure trove of blues. Of equal importance, we seek out and welcome interviews with families and friends of long departed original blues performers as witnesses to this legacy. Our goals is to produce publications and presentations that benefit all generations and broaden interest in original blues music.

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