The Eugene Powell Biography

Eugene Powell biography

The Eugene Powell biography is filled with rare photos, never-before-revealed interviews, and words of wisdom from the man, himself. Photo credit: John Keen. Courtesy of Brian O’Connor. All rights reserved.

The Eugene Powell Biography

The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell

The Biography of the Delta’s Oldest Surviving Original Bluesman

Book One in the Riverside Blues Series


Sunny Southern Productions has published a biography like no other entitled The Original ROLLING STONE: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell.

The Eugene Powell biography is a culturally, historically, spiritually and musically significant, and debuts as Book One in the Riverside Blues Series. Eugene’s story spans nearly 90 years of his life as a bluesman and includes riveting firsthand accounts from his interviews and conversations with author Brian O’Connor. Additional interviews by family and friends take the readers into the Deep South and a deeply segregated South.

The Backstory

This project focuses on the true life legacy of an unsung blues hero—Eugene Powell, a.k.a. Sonny Boy Nelson—who experienced many adventures while playing the blues between 1908-1998. His story is a never-before-told glimpse into days gone by, when the blues were born and cotton was king.

Eugene changed the landscape of American music as he labored in the musical incubator called the Delta. He wove his brand of blues magic in the Deep South, recorded under the Bluebird label with the Mississippi Sheiks, and collaborated with musical giants who were never properly recognized for their contribution to our nation’s musical heritage.

The book is a biographical tribute to a musical child prodigy and sharecropper who became the longest surviving and most traveled original bluesman in the Mississippi Delta. Read more about “The Plantation Story” here.

Eugene’s riverside travels, labor in the fields, musical innovation, faith, family and friendships in the Delta marked a time when the blues emerged full force and impacted American music forever.

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